Playing With Color

This week’s readings played with a variety of visual effects: Photoshop and images, and color. Much like the readings on fonts, I felt like I knew something about color as I could recognize differences among fonts. But before the past week’s readings I didn’t know how to describe differences in fonts beside the “emotion” they gave to particular text. This week’s readings were similar in that I knew when colors “didn’t look right” but I now have a better vocabulary to describe color relationships than merely what I remember about color wheels from middle school art class. Experimenting with hues and tints provided a much larger field of colors with which I could experiment. Using split complements added an interesting technique for choosing complementary colors that I can use in my image or design work. I intuitively knew that colors opposite of each other on the color wheel “looked right” together, but now I understand why and how to best use them.

Beyond just a new color vocabulary, the readings gave me tools to interact with colors for web design. I was able to use the Hex Color Generator to find compatible colors for my portfolio site. I also love using Chrome dev tools in my workflow and lo and behold, colorzilla can provide a lot of these features in my browser. I still feel like I’m not a natural at color, but using tints and hues along with a variety of new web tools has already improved some of my designs.


My comment on Eric’s blog.

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