Eric’s Portfolio Image Page

One of the strengths of Eric’s page is that his images complement a really fascinating story. The recolorization of the black and white nightclub scene makes sense due to the rarity of color photographs in night clubs. Eric’s sense of light vs darkness gives the photo a chiaroscuro effect which is interesting. My favorite aspect is the woman’s red dress which really pops from the darker background. The man’s blue jeans are a nice contrast to the red, but on further reflection, look a little too blue to be real. It’s possible that my current screen (mac) plays a role in this feeling. On a quick initial view with my android cell phone, the blue jeans looked realistic.

His touch ups on the photograph of the bartender are very well done. Eric successfully removes the “noise” in the right side of the photograph which lets the focus on the man (and his reflection in the mirror), which is the focal point of the photograph, shine through. The additional contrast added to the mans face is successful and makes him much less pale. It might go a little too far and appear almost burned (too much burn tool?).

The engraving is a nice find given the time period. I also work in the twentieth century and cheated slightly by making an “engraving-style” image. Because Eric’s chosen engraving is a small detail on another image, making the size large on the website images draws attention to the low quality of the initial image. Given the context of the website and other similar sized images, it would look out of place as a tiny picture, but I think the image works better on a smaller scale.

On the overall page, the color palette matches the feel of disco and contrasts each other well. The alignment and design are tasteful, though perhaps the text could be a little larger to be more readable.

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