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Digital History Portfolio

This website will serve as my digital history portfolio. It contains projects and links to work for History 688, 696, 697, and 698

The Portfolio

Digital History is a rapidly growing field which employs a variety of methods to distill history from text analysis to mapping to web design. It’s both about the visual and about building. This portfolio represents my mastery of the the many methods, tools, sources, and visual techniques employed by digital historians.

My Projects

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About Me

I am an Historian living in Washington, DC. I completed graduate and undergraduate work in American History at the College of William and Mary and Washington and Lee University, respectively. At William and Mary, my Masters thesis employed oral histories to describe school integration in Roanoke, Virginia. I’m also a PhD student at George Mason University, studying 20th Century American History and Digital History. I currently use GIS analysis and database management skills while conducting historical research for the Federal government at Morgan Angel and Associates. In my free time, I bike and brew historical beer.